Kalakala’s Walk Across America


“Kalakala’s Walk of HOPE”-from Silence to Glory

                          by  Steve Rodrigues

President,  Kalakala Alliance Foundation

You can follow Steve’s daily walk of where he is and how he is doing across a 1,000 miles within cities and places in America.  The stories will be used to create the final script for the documentary film and book about the Kalakala. 

“Kalakala’s Walk of HOPE”, from Silence to Glory is the title of a documentary film and book of a work in progress starting today and scheduled to be completed and released by July 3, 2011.  Go here to read the entire daily stories http://www.examiner.com/x-27511-Seattle-Puget-Sound-Ferries-Examiner

The daily stories will be used to write the script for the documentary film of Seattle’s most significant Great Depression, WWII, and Art Deco impacts related to the Kalakala and the City of Seattle as the “World’s First Streamline Ferry”!

Steve is walking across America in Hopes of visiting President Obama, U.S. Interior Secreatry Salazar and Director Jarvis on May 27, 2010 to nominate the Kalakala as a National Landmark.  Please go to the Petition http://gopetition.com/online/34029.html and help us to save our “World’s first Streamline Ferry”!!:)



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