About the Kalakala, a ship of a thousand years.

The Kalakala, a ship of a thousand years.

Kalakala Alliance Foundation Mission:
The Kalakala Alliance Foundation (KAF) mission is to retain the highest level of Integrity, character, and safety of the 1935 MV Kalakala and her MS Peralta hull. To promote a promise land within a community and convictions that will guarantee that she will shine forever as a ship of a thousand years. To continue educating the general public her gifts of hope and giving forward as a ship of the future. To restore, preserve, and maintain her iconic superstructure and art deco, one of a kind, pyhsical and historical artifacts.

To reach out to and to find other global community maritime and art deco citizens and business leaders to help save our historic maritime and art deco interests. And, to retain the highest levels of integrity, character, and safety that reflects a solid conviction to preserve the MV Kalakala and her hull MS Peralta through philanthropy donors from around the world, so that, she and her Black Ball Line family can provide the last physical evidences of over 2 centuries of maritime history from ships of sail in the early 1800’s, to ships of steam during the mid 1800’s, to ships of diesel electrics in the early 1900’s, and to pursue research towards giving forward into profound revolutions of new architectural, engineering, and technologies as ships of the future, such as, solar sailors that takes the Black Ball Line full circle within our global society.


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